IML labels

Metatron Srl uses In Mould Labeling (IML) technology for the production of labels.

This decorative labelling is performed during the article moulding stage. The process first consists of inserting a decorated film into the mould and then injecting the melted plastic into the cavity so that the film is incorporated as part of the piece.

Metatron Srl uses a highly automated process with a Robot that takes the films from the warehouse and positions them in the mould, then extracts the finished piece and completes the palletisation.

Printing IML labels is an alternative to classic screen printingpad, adhesive labels etc. ensuring better quality and precision for a guaranteed indelible decoration with higher productivity at a lower cost.

The reliability of the process and the new film production techniques now of standard use at Metatron Srl have been extended for their application to durable products such as electronic equipment and devices, car parts and medical items, and to supplement the packaging sector such as displays, gadgets, toys.




Metatron Srl is a dynamic business that has been operating for more than twenty years in the field of screen printing, the pad and the development of related technologies such as silicone keyboards and home automation. domoticaThanks to this extensive experience the company has reached a position of absolute prestige in all the sectors in which it operates.
Furthermore, thanks to the UNI EN ISO 9001 2008 certification, Metatron Srl is very active and recognised in the industrial sector both in Italy and throughout the European Union.
Metatron Srl is partner of CTM Network - Business Network.

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