Logo-Metatron-srlMetatron Srl specializes in industrial screen printing as well as pad printing and produces all kinds of prints that can be applied either directly or to any substrate as well as printed keyboards for any instrument, machinery, device or system.

Its strengths are the quality of materials and production processes that can be used in many fields and sectors ...


Screen printing

Metatron stampa serigrafica

Through screen printing, Metatron Srl produces quality products using the very latest materials and applying cutting-edge processes to ensure the customer’s certainty for optimal results.

Metatron Srl produces prints of all types and for all uses both in small quantities and in large batches.

Pad printing

Pad printing

With pad printing, Metatron Srl Metatron Srl reproduces drawings, writing and decorations on flat and concave, convex or in any case irregular surfaces, most accurately and in high resolution.

Metatron Srl produces pad prints on any surface in large-quantity stocks of pieces or components.

Silicone keyboards

Silicone keyboards

Metatron Srl produces silicone keyboards already assembled with a polyamide or polyester circuit, resistant to acids and with excellent water resistance.

A widely used product obtained with the application of cutting-edge techniques ...

Home automation

sistemi per domotica

The most innovative solutions for home automation domotica are based on touch controls.

Metatron Srl, using its experience in the field of printing on plastic substrates and keyboards, Metatron Srl has developed a range of products for home automation domotica with a customised series for any environment ...



Metatron Srlthanks to the quality and reliability of its highly technological and innovative productions, Metatron Srl is a supplier to some of the largest international companies.


Metatron Srl is a dynamic business that has been operating for more than twenty years in the field of screen printing, the pad and the development of related technologies such as silicone keyboards and home automation. domoticaThanks to this extensive experience the company has reached a position of absolute prestige in all the sectors in which it operates.
Furthermore, thanks to the UNI EN ISO 9001 2008 certification, Metatron Srl is very active and recognised in the industrial sector both in Italy and throughout the European Union.
Metatron Srl is partner of CTM Network - Business Network.

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